Sony Music Sweden LORENTZ

An album that went to become one of the defining modern pieces of music culture in Sweden. With its unusually direct and relatable language and relatable human themes it gained 5 Grammy nominations only in it’s first year.


Working directly as a part of the producing team during the development of the album & artist identity already from the early seeds of demos - the art & creative work could be connected in a very natural way.

The general esthetic theme for ”Kärlekslåtar” is minimalistic and touches upon a melancholic and emotional scandinavian theme. Creative direction and design work stretches from album art, press images to concept development for brand connected campaigns and stage design for both tour and TV performances.


  • Art Director

    André Engdahl Jofré

  • Digital Director

    Gabriel Sturk

  • Creative Direction

    Vittorio Grasso

  • Management

    Oskar Ekman - Year0001

  • Label / A&R

    Martin Norman - Sony Music Sweden


  • Art Direction
  • Creative Direction
  • Scenic Design
  • Digital Design
  • Film & Photography
  • Merchandise Design


  • P3 Gold Award
  • Swedish Grammy Award 2015
  • IFPI Certified Platinum
  • IFPI Certified Gold
  • IFPI Certified Gold