Respect My Hustle RMH BLOCKPARTY 02

A raw, striped down stage concept featuring a leaning video centerpiece created for the 2nd annual RMH festival. Presented together with Samsung VR as the first ever 360 VR live concert in the Nordics.


Swedish innovation and rap collective RMH are known for being change-makers within their genre. For their second annual creative festival, the festival moved into one of Stockholm’s old warehouses.

The show split into four parts, each revealing it’s own centerpiece. A show start where the audience meets the raw Stockholm warehouse, meeting the artists on a close to floor level only lit by strobe lighting, then to reveal the large video structure - hung in a 35 degree angle with a slight opening in the rear to reveal stage lighting.

Visuals where created to match the sparse and raw feeling of the warehouse and label aesthetics.


  • Art Director

    André Engdahl Jofré

  • Lighting Director

    Tim Wilson

  • Show Director

    Joel Nyström / RMH

  • Tech Provider



  • Art Direction
  • Scenic Design
  • Visual Content