Skepta, Nora Collective, RMH HIGHEND SHUTDOWN

Stage concept and art direction for a one time concert starring the prime collectives in hiphop & grime from UK, Norway and Sweden.


Visuals and design were set to a occult theme, with a dirty distorted punk vibe. Custom video loops where created featuring satanistic symbols and offering rituals to heavily distorted logotypes and grains to build something not too commonly seen within hip hop, but still connecting to the raw feeling of the music.

A 10 meter wide LED-screen was placed directly on the stage floor, which was covered with a glossy finish to create a fluid video reflection giving the illusion that the stage floor was covered in water (… or sometimes blood).


  • Art Director

    André Engdahl Jofré

  • Lighting Director

    Tim Wilson

  • Designer

    Isaac Stridsman


  • Creative Direction
  • Visual Content
  • Scenic Design