Yung Lean Warlord World Tour

For the world tour for critically acclaimed album 'Warlord', Yung Lean and Sad Boys introduce a stage design incorporating dark themes of death, violence and the occult, expressing them with a high-tech digital look.


The new album ”Warlord” sees Yung Lean & Sad Boys yet again reinventing and advancing their own scene of esthetics and music. Finding a mix combining the preceding esthetics from Unknown Memory’s influential mix of Tumblr and 90’s 3D esthetics, and the into the more grunge-inspired esthetics of the new album.

A three column design composition featuring custom visuals from mixed materials. Visuals are taken everywhere from handheld footage from street races, airstrike footage from wikileaks to 3D renders of dungeons and demons. Material is then shown on a stage wide LED-wall backdrop.


  • Concept & Production

    André Engdahl Jofré

  • Production

    Daniel Swan

  • Label / Agency


  • Label / Agency

    Windish Agency


  • Concept / Art Direction
  • Visual Content
  • Stage Design